Geeks of the MidWeek

So what’s up in tech this week?  Here’s your midweek rundown.

Gimme Back my Pic Bitches – So this group of singers ripped off a Billy Joel song and got applauded by 10’s of 10’s of geeks for including them in the video and then this woman got pissed at them for stealing her picture and they were all like “Screw you” and she was all like “Meet my lawyer” and YouTube was all like “I’m taking down your vid” and then the group was all like “sorry” and she was all like “Pay me” and Michael Arrington was all like “Boooooooo!!!”

I’m Popular, Fuckers! – So Mark Cuban, owner of the Dallas Mavericks has 5,000 friends on Facebook, and he’s all like “Oh noz, what do I do?”

I’m WebFamous, who are you? – So formerly reputable Forbes magazine puts out their top 25 web peoplez.  Only problem is, we haven’t heard of half of the folks on it.  Then Scoble was all like “Oh no, so many others belong on that list” and then Rubel was like “Surely others belong on there”, and Perez Hilton was all “Weeeeeeee!”, and Cashmore was like *barf*.  Adam Plante surely belonged on that list.   For what, we have no idea.  But from the looks of that list, that’s all the criteria they were using.

Online office applications are craptastic…still.

Digg says “Gimme dat money!” - Digg’s up for sale, Digg’s not up for sale, Digg’s up for sale, Digg’s not up for sale, Digg’s up for sale, Kevin Rose drinks a lot.  End of fucking story.  Next!

I saw an Android and it said BOOYA! – OMFGZ y’all, I totes saw a phone with Google Androidz!  OMFGWOW.  Yeah, big whoop.  Give us 10 bucks and we’ll show you our asses, both are equally as interesting.   Google’s got a phone operating system, but not, we’ll believe it when we see it and then act accordingly.

I Shall Call it……..Mini-Apple! – So Steve Jobs was sittin around thinking of shit to make and he said “Yo…lets make a smaller Macbook and all of the geeks will get horny over it”.  And they did.   Maybe.

And that’s it, that’s this week so far in tech.   We’re spent.


2 Comments on "Geeks of the MidWeek"

  1. schmidt says:

    In reference to the top 25 web celebs, #20, Ryan block of Engadget, looks like he should be in the Plante look-a-likes…

  2. drdrew says:

    copycats! the lot of ’em

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