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Welcome back Demonoid!

After months of being put on hold, one of our favorite bit-torrent sites has returned!

To my total amazement, I logged onto my family’s computer this evening forgetting that I had Demonoid as my home page. Oddly enough, I was planning on searching some torrents anyway and for a brief few seconds, I didn’t even notice I had been searching on Demonoid (rather that The Pirate Bay like I had planned). I’m pretty frigging stoked!

According to a post on, Deimos, the former site administrator, was no longer able to put in the proper amount of time to take care of the site due to personal matters. He has recently assigned a good friend to take his place and the original moderating crew is still on board. Everything seems to be running smoothly, so for those of you with accounts, get back in there!

The Schmidtness!

Drew has an announcement.

That’s me, yes the title was in the 3rd person. Shoosh.

Along with Adam Ostrow and Eric Kerr, I’ve purchased the site

I’ve been involved with startups through the show and through work for the past few years, so it was time to throw my hat into the ring. Put my money where my mouth was so to speak.

It’s go time. Check out the site for more info!


Philly Beer Week 2008- March 7-16

As you may have noticed, us folks here at the tech show are huge fans of beer and we are happy to invite everyone to a celebration of Philadelphia’s amazing beer culture and tradition. Over the next ten days, Philly Beer Week will showcase many of the fine Philadelphia pubs and brewers.

    “From Day One, when William Penn started work on his own brewery in 1682, Philadelphia has been a great beer-drinking city. Today, the local scene is better than any time in its history. Fresh craft beer… authentic taverns… diverse styles… exotic imports… Belgian-style cafes… and a sudsy tradition unlike any other in America.”

You can find a schedule of events here. We’ll do our best to make it out to as many of these as possible, so come on out and have a few with us.

Congrats to Goowy

One of our favorite companies, for their service, and their awesome people…Goowy, just got purchased by AOL.

While AOL hasn’t been our favorite company in the past, they are now focusing on a big money maker on the web, advertising.   Google needs competition to keep pushing them, so we like it.

Goowy makes fantastic widgets (Under YourMinis), and their flash desktop is gorgeous. 

Congrats to Goowy, CEO Alex Bard, and the rest of the team.  They’re definitely the good guys, and we like to see hard work rewarded.

SteveNote. Best Damn Summary of the Steve Jobs Macworld Keynote

So today was the day that all of us Apple fanboys and girls have been waiting for.   Stevenote.  The annual Steve Jobs keynote speech at the Macworld expo.

What exciting things would Steve announce today?   A REAL time machine?  A flying car?  A tablet?  That he’s buying Twitter?   That we submit our DNA to Apple and all of the content that matches our profiles will be autopurchased?   We can now order Starbucks by grunting?

No.  None of that.

But here’s a rundown of interesting things from today:

– Apple makes shitloads of cash.
– They sold 20 million songs on iTunes this past Christmas day alone.
– Steve Jobs has moobs.
– 1-2-3-4 by Feist will forever be known as “that iPod song”

Now for some announcements:

1.   Want to backup via WiFi?  Now you can.  Apple announced the “Time Capsule”, which is a portable Hard drive that you can back up any Macbook to automagically with Time Machine via WiFi.  500 GB model is $299 and 1 TB model is $499.   These are nicely priced in my opinion.   Steve says it’s “aggressive”.   I don’t know about all that.

2.  iPhone updates to 1.1.3.  Now you can check directions via Google maps via Skynet over wifi and edge.  While it’s not GPS it’s not bad.   Also, you can make clips of your content and put it on your home screen.  A lot of us saw this stuff with a leaked video of the update, and this confirmed it.    You can move shit around on your home screen and it “wiggles”.  This made the giddy fanboys and girls laugh at the show.   Lame.

BIG NEWS, you can now *legally* get these same features along with mail and weather and such on your iPod touch!!!!  WEEEE!  Wait, what?  It costs 20 bucks to current iPod touch users to get the update.   MOTHERFUCKER!!! WHAT THE SHIT?    NO FAIR!! I HATE YOU STEVE!!!!!!!

3.   Rent movies via iTunes.    Apple TV gets a major upgrade, free updates to existing users.  Simple interface no longer requires a computer.    Rent movies, download podcasts, all from your TV.   Rent movies on your computer, you have 30 days to watch them and 24 hours to finish once you started.   $2.99, or for HD its 4.99.   HD!!! Fuck you Blu-Ray and HD-DVD!!!!!   Interesting stuff here.

4.  Dum Dum Dum!  There’s something in the air was plastered everywhere.   Well here it is.   The Macbook Air.    It’s the world’s thinnest notebook.  It fits in an envelope.   It moans when you touch it, it has mouse gestures, you can get it with a solid state drive for 3,100 bucks.   Sexy sexy sexy.  Aluminum.  Light, thin.   Expensive.   Just like we like it!!!!

There you have it.   More to come soon!


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You Suck at Photoshop

“Really….you do.  And that’s why you’re here”

We wish we had thought of this one.   Brilliant!

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Do you watch movies on your iPhone?

Then David Lynch might not like you much.

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Make VOIP calls with your iPod Touch!

W00t!  Check out TouchMods for more info.

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RIP Netscape – "It’s Dead, Jim”

Yep, Netscape (AOL) finally killed off the wanna-be Internet Explorer Killer.   It just never worked out for them.

Netscape Navigator was a very clunky piece of software, but had a pretty big and supportive user-base.   What will happen to those people now?

The Netscape team suggests trying Firefox.

Well played Netscape, well played.

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The Geeks of the MidWeek

It’s that time again folks.   The Best Damn Tech Show, Period. crew tells you what’s going on this week in tech.   We hope you got disgustingly drunk this Holiday Season, we know Schmidt did.  Now on to the news.

Digg This:  Deal or No Deal? – Our buddy from Digg, Jay Adelson spoke to BusinessWeek to update our last weeks story about Digg being up for sale.   It’s not.   Yes it is.  No it’s not.  Yes it is.  No it’s not.  And no they’re not preparing for an IPO (which Schmidt swears is a beer).   Also an update, Kevin Rose still drinks too fuckin much.  End of story (again?)

Vloggers are paranoid as fuck – Vlogger Cheryl Colan decided to wage war on the vlogging world by being all like “EpicFuSetJet isn’t on the up and up, I feel like they’re making money!”  No shit, sherlock.   Look, Zadi and Steve are the hardest working folks in the biz, mind your own.   Scoble jumps in with “See, I told you so guys, Vloggers is r dumb!”  Shut up Robert.   Then Ninja dude jumps in and says “Go work harder”.   You go Ninja!

Boy Genius Speaks
– And we listen.   This guys sources are way more solid than a PodTech business plan.   He says that Apple will indeed unveil a new laptop at January’s MacWorld.   Oh boy, we hope it’s that one you can implant in your brain!

Who turned the lights out? (Who, Who?) – We hate end of year lists, so we figured this one was the best to share.   The top internet outages of 2007.   Remember that hour without Twitter? Remember the day without Skype?  Ahhhh, what a year it was.

Now back to your cookies, bitches.  Peas out.

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