Tim Westergren from Pandora Interview

From the best damn vault (recorded November 2006) and hot on the heels of their recent IPO, we’ve dug up an interview with Tim Westergren of Pandora during a visit to the best damn studios. We were already big fans of the system (Pandora.com) and became even bigger fans of its founder Tim Westergren during his visit. We discovered a man driven by an idea, some passion and a great deal of sacrifice, not to mention a good sport. Lord knows what he thought of us during his visit but he never let us believe it was anything but worth his time. We all continue to use the system, along with a lot more folks and we’re assuming the technology is even more horizontally and vertically integrated:)

We like this interview for several reasons. It wasn’t just the fact that we were talking about a system that kicks ass but we felt like Tim tells a good story and we were more than willing to let him tell it. It’s a good one.

Stay tuned for further instructions…

Hey kids! Remember that tech show that used to post extremely long videos that featured a few drunken, lonely guys going on long rants about what they thought was important in the world of technology? Yeah, we almost forgot about it too.

Since then, we’ve gathered our thoughts and decided to get this thing back up and running in a much smoother way. Please stay tuned for the new show… Mostly Tech! Yes, I know it comes right back here, but we just have nothing to show right now, so chill!


We blamed. We’re currently blaming. We will continue to blame


The blame-a-thon may have come to an end but for most, it’s just the beginning. It was a mammoth event between Indy Hall and North Star Bar that featured special guests, musicians, podcasters, prizes, raffles, tacos, sponsors…a true extravaganza.

So the Best Damn Tech Show folks kicked things off in the wee hours and we were just pleased to be there. We were all a bit rusty and the format very loose but after a 14 month hiatus, it felt good to be back talking bout tech and may prompt some future episodes in the next few months. Stay tuned for that shit. Make sure to check out Two Guys on Beer who also did a show for the event and check out the music lineup which was an impressive mix of very talented artist.

Until then, #blamedrewscancer and hand over some of your hard earned to help kick cancer’s ass.

The Dr. is in

blamedrewcancerIt’s been pretty quiet on the Best Damn Tech front over the past few months (since August last year in fact) as we get on with our lives and become overwhelmed with work and family and social networks et al. We keep talking about getting rolling again but it just never seems to click at the right moments. So be it.

One of the big driving forces of the show, many of you will probably know, is Dr. Drew whose idea it was to get the show up and running some 3 or 4 years ago (or is it 5?). He’s moved on (a few times) most recently to San Fransisco and next to L.A but we recently heard news that he has been diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. That shit’s just not nice. Of course he’s a fighter. We know he is and there’s an energy about him that is impossible to beat which is why we’re pretty sure this Hodgkins bastard won’t stand a chance.

So we need to stop making excuses and get our shit together. Rest assured that Drewby always has some out-of-the-box initiative going and he’s gone and set up a site BlameDrewsCancer.com but that’s of course not all:

“I wanted to welcome ANYONE to blame ANYTHING on MY cancer. I’ll find a nice company or a few who will match each unique person on Twitter who blames something on my cancer using the hashtag #BlameDrewsCancer, with a dollar that will go to the American Cancer Society and Make a Wish Foundation.”

So do it. Do the shit out of it. Of course if you don’t, you can #BlameDrewsCancer.

August ’08 Tech News Update from the Best Damn Tech Show, Period.

Best Damn Tech News
Ex-Google engineers launched the new search engine Cuil www.cuil.com to ho-hum reviews amidst a massive PR release. With it’s slick interface and huge index they may have been expecting more but with such poor search results, many have written it off already. You might want to try ask.com for better results which isn’t saying much. To give you an example, a search for the “Best Damn Tech Show” brings up a Wikipedia result in the top spot that links you to a page that doesn’t even exist. Nice one.

Friend of the Tech Show, Ted Stevens the longest serving senator in congress has been brought up on charges (7 counts on failing to disclose – not for being a douche as most people thought). We’ve put together a highlight reel or some of his most famous Tedism with more courtesy of Jon Stewart over at our partner broadcaster Comedy Central. http://blog.indecision2008.com/2008/07/30/top-5-daily-show-ted-stevens-moments/

Iris on the Virus
Apple gets pie in the face from security researchers over a failure to act on patching serious DNS BIND flaw.

Schmidt Faced
Response to Gary Vaynerchuck

Rachel’s Soy Sauce – Dishing up the gossip for the gals
IBM facilities hosting 3 week tech camps for gals after hearing of the decline in female tech engineers http://www.poughkeepsiejournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20080731/BUSINESS01/807310312

American Association of University Women Education Foundation is hosting a tech trek camp for 14 year old girl at Stanford University http://www.mercurynews.com/campbell/ci_10036148

Reasons girls should get into tech: hotter more intelligent guys-brain before brawn ladies, you get to travel, go to sweet conferences, meet really interesting people and be a part of the ever changing growing and evolving tech community. the internet is our own little ecosystem plus you get all your drinks for free…trust me, I know! :]

Around the World Wide Web
China had every intention of opening up access to the world but we’ve learned that they’re still at their censorship game – apparently Best Damn Tech Show, Period is still on that list.

Portugal has grabbed 500,000 of the latest Intel produced Classmates PC which is a bit of a slap in the face for OLPC (One Laptop per Child www.olpc.org)

Site of the Week:
Chris Brogan dot com – new media business and marketing resource

Best Damn Shears

Do you hate trimming the weeds and shrubs around your property? So do we! That’s why we invented the Best Damn Shears!

Nobody Knows You When You’ve Gone Offline

The Best Damn Band puts together another hit song! This song tells the story of a young lad who’s built a pc network that is beyond compare. Friends come calling, videogames begin and all is well. But wait, what happens when the network crashes and the game is over? The young lad learns a valuable lesson about friendship and network stability in our latest tale…

5 things you may not know about BestDamnTech.com

www.viddler.com ordained the month of July as “5 things” month. Here is our entry starring Adam, Schmidt, Flemo and Rand/

5 things you may not know about the Best Damn Tech Show, Period.

Leave ColdPlay Alone!

“After hearing accusations that Coldplay’s Chris Martin stole a song
from unknown band Creaky Boards, Schmidt lashes out in defence of
Coldplay in this intense and unbridled (and quite obviously
unscripted) tirade against the millions of Creaky Boards fanboys.”

Best Damn Tech Show, Period. 06.03.08

Geeks wanting to participate in a Guiness World record are being called upon to participate in “Download Day” which represents the release of Firefox 3.0. The folks at Firefox are looking for the title of most downloads in a 24 hour period. The day has not been set but will occur some time in June. Sign up at http://www.spreadfirefox.com/en-US/worldrecord/

The D: All Things Digital conference commenced, opening with the comedy duo of Gates and Balls, showing off some features of the new Microsoft 7 predominately multi-touch and banking on this new system to bring them out of the toilet.

Google is wooing developers, at their recent inaugural Google I/O get-together. Some 2500+ web developers were plied with orgasmic delights like Gears, HTML5, Javascript/AJAX and Android. MySpace has already deployed a new email system using Google Gears offering the ability to sort message on your desktop.
AOL also announced that they will be jumping on OpenSocial with open arms

In an attempt to combat apparent lagging broadband adoption here in the States (well behind other countries like Korea, Australia, Canada and Europe), the FCC is proposing that the company buying the newly planned spectrum auction must provide free wireless access nationwide. They will still have the ability to place restrictions on content.

Rand, Iggs and Adam check out Verizon’s ‘My Home 2.0’ event featuring Ryan Howard from the Philadelphia Phillies. Adam cooks burgers and hot dogs while helping Iggs solve his personal network security issues.

Schmidt faced

Around the World Wide Web
Google is by no means the only street mapping system in the world, in fact geo-mapping company MapJack out of Hong Kong and Thailand has been doing the rounds, currently featuring several cities in the US and a couple of Thailand. They tout better quality images, more features and a more immersive experience with additional backpack carrying cameras walking the streets.

Columbia is jumping on board the new XO laptops, ordering 65,000 of them. The addition of XP was the clincher. Plus the secret compartment for storing drugs made the deal a winner.
Meanwhile Dell, Acer and HP are also vying for a spot in the cut-price PC market following the success of OLPC and the recent Asus EEE PC which sold for $299 and is almost at 2 million sold. After seeing the popularity of these machines Windows is extending support of its XP sub-notebook OS and slashing the price to $32.